HERSHEY'S Chocolate Tasting Adventure

Embark on an entertaining and educational journey into chocolate that is sure to please guests of all ages.

Join our chocolate expert for a guided, interactive, multimedia discussion of chocolate lore. Taste HERSHEY'S creamy milk chocolate, our robust dark chocolates, and various chocolates with unique inclusions. After completing your Chocolate Tasting Adventure, you'll receive an official Masters Degree in Chocolate Tasting from HERSHEY'S University!

Wrap Happiness

Picture yourself on a personalized HERSHEY'S Milk Chocolate Bar wrapper or genuine HERSHEY'S Syrup Bottle!

At HERSHEY'S Photo Bar Wrapper attraction, you get to pose for a photo and have it printed on the wrapper of a  HERSHEY'S Milk Chocolate Bar or a Syrup Bottle. Include a personalized phrase for an extra sweet touch!

HERSHEY'S Recipe Screen

Bake your own cookies, cakes and desserts and surprise your family and friends!

Become a HERSHEY'S Dessert Expert by clicking on the HERSHEY’S Recipe Touchscreen and send your favorite dessert recipes to your inbox. Buy the HERSHEY’S ingredients, follow the HERSHEY’S recipe and you are on your way to becoming a baker, treating your loved ones with your creations!

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